Building our Log Cabin

Offwell Woodlands is well known for its beautiful Log Cabin, overlooking Dragonfly Pond and surrounded by a mixture of mature conifers and deciduous trees. It is one of two bases in the woods for educational and recreational activities, including pond dipping and forest ecology. It also hosts a traditional log burner, keeping our hard working conservation volunteers warm on bracing winter days!

The Log Cabin was constructed in the mid 1990's, using Douglas fir trees grown within 200 metres of where it was built. The building method followed the American Full-Scribe technique, and no nails were used in the main wall construction. The logs were fitted by tracing the contours of one onto another, before carving and excavating in order that they fit together with no gaps, preventing water or air drafts from entering the finished construction. The whole thing fits together like a giant jigsaw puzzle!

Log Cabin Roof Construction.Fitting roofing sheets.Construction of Log Cabin complete.Log Cabin and wild flower meadow.