Wetlands Update March 2018

Our winter priority at the woodlands has been working on the wetlands area to reduce willow and alder incursion and to increase the area of open water.  We have also taken the opportunity to remove the dead rhododendron and let more light into the area. 


Wetlands March 2018

We have made great progress in the last couple of months including removing a fallen alder which had been lying in the water for 5-6 years. After some final work clearing away some remaining branches and removing cut timber we will be leaving the area to recover for the rest of the year.

Flag iris is already sprouting and should provide a great show over the next couple of months and we expecting various water plants to colonise the new area of open water.

The area is ideal for dragonflies, amphibians and various freshwater invertebrates.  We already have several areas of frogspawn and dozens of toads have already made there way to the area and we are expecting them to be spawning soon.   

Thanks to our regular volunteers and to the team from the Axe Woods Cooperative who have helped with the chain saw work.