School in The Woods

Blackboard WelcomeIt has been great to have Offwell Primary School use the woods and our lakeside classroom over the past 12 months.

In addition to their regular ‘welly walks’, the pupils have been having classes in the woods, and on one occasion the end of the Summer Term the whole school moved to the woods for all their lessons.


Offwell School Head Teacher Mrs Billington said, “Offwell woods are a huge source of inspiration for our children and our our high academic standards in a large way due to our visits to the woodlands".


In 2018 we are hoping to work with East Devon Countryside Services to provide training resources for primary teachers from a wider area to enable them to deliver sessions in the woodland. In addition to our stock of pond dipping nets and trays we are looking to increase our stock of sweep nets and microscopes to enable children to appreciate nature in close detail. We are also looking to increase our small supply of binoculars